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Many local businesses are reopening after the Coronavirus lockdown as restrictions are eased.
Cranfield Business Directory
category busname street postcode telephone website
Hair salon Barber Han 95 High Street MK43 0BS 01234 910080
Construction Pave The Way 77 Partridge Piece
Hair salon Fil's Hair and Beauty Stop 128c High Street MK43 0BS
Window cleaners One Clean Bedford Road MK43 0EX
Cake Shop Gail's Cakes and Desserts Partridge Piece 07808079445
Nail Salon Shimmer Nail & Beauty Lounge Bedford Road MK430HA
Blinds & curtains shop Queen Bee Curtains and Blinds Court Road MK430DX
Lawn care Trotters Lawn Care Harter Avenue MK43 0EE
Newsagent Cranfield Newsagents 128A High St. MK43 0BS 01234 750778
Car Dealership Allon White Sports Cars 119 High St. MK43 0BS 01234 750205
Fishing shop Tom's Carp Fishing Hartwell Farm, Court Road 01234 751188
Supermarket Co-op Food 57-67, High St. MK43 0DP 01234 750235 (previously Budgens)
Car Dealership RGR Garages 80 High St. MK43 0DG 01234 750207
Cattery Cranfield Cattery 193 High St. MK43 0JB 01234 750161
Pharmacist Allen D R 3 Mill Rd. MK43 0JG 01234 750238
Fish & Chips Mr. Fish 189 High St. MK43 0JB 01234 751989
Home and Garden Woodcourt Gardening Services Crawley Road Mk43 0AA 07719 847782
Funeral Directors Haseldine Funeral Services 192 High Street MK430EN 01234757529
Removals & Storage Woburn Sands Removals & Storage 1, Georges Close MK43 0YE 01908 639395
Food and Drink No.24cakery Home Farm 07583129128
Financial Services Tony Smith 58 Lincroft MK43 0HT 07753670921
Pub Cross Keys 159 High Street MK43 0JB (01234) 750213
Pub/Gurkha Restaurant The Swan 2 Court Road MK43 0DR (01234) 757689
Accomodation Wisteria Haze 25 Bedford Road MK43 0EU 07983561333
Chartered Accountants Jonathan Vowles 114 High Street MK43 0DG
Dentist Cranfield Dentists 192 High Street MK43 0EN 01234752515
Letting Agent Bourdeauxs The Old Post Office, 121 High Street MK43 0BS
Financial Services Cathedral Independent Financial Planning Limited 11 Mill Road MK43 0JG 01234 752502
Kitchen/Cooking Sonia’s Kitchen 14 Rowan Way MK43 0DT 07990690368
Hairdresser Be Fabulous Home Farm
Sports & Fitness TSS & Multisports 44 St Mary MK43 9HA 07716534941
Business Services Relay Business Support 29 Rowan Way MK43 0DH 07872512550
Performing Arts Inspire Performing Arts Scout Hut, Merchant Lane MK43 0DA 07305809342
Floor and Wall Tiling Nick Brett 2 High Street, Cranfield MK43 0DF 07711 255676
Financial Services Cranfield Mortgages 58 Lincroft MK43 0HT 07753670921
Food and Drink (Mobile) The Little Coffee Cart Ltd 65 Bedford Road Car Park Mk43 0EX 07733475018
Pilates Gurveen Bamrah 11 Gardiner Court MK13 0LR 07824555368
Home and Garden House to Haven 130 High Street MK43 0BS 01234637305
Construction PK Building Renovations Limited J E R MK16 0EG 07841633358
Gardener Cranfield Garden Services 27a Bedford Road MK43 0EU 07845 687418
Removals & Storage Goldline 102 College Street, Kempston MK42 8LU 0808 255 0300
Property maintenance LMS Property Services Ltd 49 Bedford Road MK43 0EX 07598278711
Forest School Marston Vale Forest School 40 Upper Shelton Road MK43 0LT 07811 087322
Artist RobIsNow Art High Street MK43 0EN
Graphic Design VW Design High Street MK43 0EN
Vegan Cosmetics Samantha Bishop 41 Kingsgrove MK43 1AJ 07842352645
Childminder Liz Loseby 17 Lordsmead MK43 0HP 07854270366 Facebook: Busylizzyschildminding
Valeting LBS Valet Services 9 Graces Close MK430HQ 07708619130
Stationery Jane Backhouse 21, Mill Road MK430JG +447747774243
Health and Beauty Roz Lee 2 Oak Barn Close MK430TW 07725869240/01234750454
Photography Services Emma Flynn Photography 33 Partridge Piece, Cranfield MK43 0BL 07462320938
Supermarket Morrisons Daily Mill Road MK43 0JG 01234 380655
Dog Groomer Hairy Styles 119b High Street MK43 0BS 07922531501
If you would like to have a local business listed in our directory please use the Add Business Form and it will be considered for publication. If you wish to correct an entry, or request its removal, you can use the separate Contact Us Form - or send us an email. We do not accept advertising. We list businesses run by owners who live, or have a business premises, in the village of Cranfield. Listing is free and at the discretion of the editor. We are unable to include all other businesses run or located outside the village as otherwise the listing would be far too long. Being included on our list does not constitute a recommendation. 
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