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Cranfield is a village and civil parish in Bedfordshire, England about 50 miles north of London. The parish includes Bourne End and Wharley End. Bedford is 9 miles to the east of Cranfield and Milton Keynes is 6 miles to the west.  Cranfield is in the Central Bedfordshire Councilís administration area.

Alongside the village is Cranfield University which is a postgraduate and research-based university specialising in science, engineering, technology and management. Itís airfield, originally an RAF training facility, has one of the first digital air traffic control installation to be operational in the UK.

The village is built on a flat hill about 350ft above sea level. The surrounding area is farmland and now includes a large area of woodland and nature trails under development by the Marston Vale Forest Project.
The village population was about 6,000 in 2018. New housing estates are swelling the numbers  and more are expected. Most employment is found in the neighbouring areas. About 1,500 students live on the University campus or in lodgings in the village (about 2 miles apart by road).
There are a good selection of shops and services in the main village including supermarket (including a post office), filling station, car dealerships, hairdressers, wine shop, pet shop, hardware shop, pubs, dentist, chemist, newsagents, estate agents, financial companies, solicitors, chartered accountants, cattery, fast food takeaways etc.

There is a frequent university bus service, operated by Uno buses, that can be also used by the public. Most buses travel between Milton Keynes and Bedford every half hour. There are two  routes  to service different villages in between and these routes are run alternately. See the BUS page for a route map and other details .

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