This is a calculation to determine  which bin is due to be emptied in Cranfield each week. Any changes to the schedule could make this calculation incorrect. The Central Bedfordshire Council's website has lists of streets and collection days and should be consulted (see below).

Contractors on behalf of Central Bedfordshire Council empty the bins. The grey bin is for general rubbish that is not recyclable.The green bin is for recyclable material.The small brown bin is for food waste bagged in green plastic bags (supplied). A smaller brown bin is supplied for your kitchen.
Full details on what can (and can't) be recycled go to:-

Any changes to the collection day are advised at Christmas time by means of a ticket attached to your bin.

The official list (by street) of which bin(s) to put out can be seen on this webpage:-

To request a replacement bin telephone 0300 300 8302.

The small brown food waste bin is emptied every week.

NOTE: Garden waste (in green bags) is collected at the same time as the large green bins for recycling. The garden waste is not collected during several weeks during the winter.

Visit the Central Beds Waste Service
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This prediction is for residents of the main Cranfield Village*. If you live on the outskirts of  the village your collection day/and bin type might be different.
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*please let us know if your collection (within the village) is different to above.
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