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Welcome to the website for the village of Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England. This is an independent voluntary project to provide an easy source of information about the village and it's organisations, companies, shops and tradespeople and the other local facilities. Contact us with any ideas, comments, news and contributions. It's for Cranfield residents and those wishing to learn about our village.

Villagers, please help us expand the content and keep the information up to date.

A community website for the village of Cranfield, Bedfordshire

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This website is created by Alan Hawkins for his fellow residents of Cranfield at his own expense and at no charge to the Cranfield businesses and organisations listed here.
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There are some changes of collection day during the Christmas period. Please take a look at our summary on our Cranfield Refuse Collection page* which also has links to the Council's online information site. *Just click on our WHICH BIN? button.

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A Bottle Bank is now available in the car park of the Co-op (ex Budgens) in the High Street.  They are emptied every week. If they are full please don't leave bottles on the ground.


These are the various glass types accepted:-

Caps can be left on bottles and lids on jars.


Please dont place kitchenware glass such as drinking glasses or Pyrex dishes, vases, any kind of ceramics, lightbulbs, mirrors or sheet glass in the bottle banks. Please take them to the Ampthill Tidy Tip and place them in the general rubbish containers.

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